Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Decorate Your Home Or Office With Fun And Creative Map Art

Decorating and want something cool and fresh? You will want to take a look at my newest map art for your walls. These are all square format. They each include the state in the upper left and the known state saying, or in some cases more than one sayings, in the lower right. 

I can also put create a personalized piece made up of more state put together to make up a family state piece. You may want one for a couple for a wedding or anniversary gift made of 2 different states. I can create larger pieces if your family has taken residence in others states.  I can make a long panorama of states.  If you have a need for one with only 4 I can create a square format for that one.

Contact me via my artist website
In the upper right corner you will see email Andee Photography  Use this to contact me. I can then create a piece for you and place it in my gallery for you to order. It is as simple as that.

To see all of my State Maps as art follow this link:

To see my world and US maps follow this link:

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At the time of this post all states may not be completed but will be soon. 
If you need a state not yet shown please contact me at my artist website.

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