Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Denied Disability Assistance. What Now?

In 2014 I lost my lifelong job of 34 years. I am now to disabled and physically unable to get another job. So I turned to the disability assistance program here in the US filling out mountains of information online as that is how they want you to apply these days. I had to go through days of help from a family member just to make sure all the information was filled out correctly. After that was completed they send you yet another set of hard copy papers to fill out, that was about September of 2014.

Waiting several months, I received a denial letter for disability assistance on Dec 23rd 2014. They never interviewed me, or sent me for a pain assessment test. They never even asked for records from two of my doctors. The state I live in will not go back and review the application paperwork, even for missing doctor's records. So I have to wait one year or more to get a hearing, and then who knows how long after that. I now have to pay for a lawyer help (and hopefully) get disability after that year plus. Thankfully they are only paid if they win your disability case. That fee comes out of back payments if they win your case so at least I am not out money upfront. You have 60 days from the date of a denial letter to request a hearing.

They include a phone number with the denial letter. And because of when I received the letter I had to wait once again since they were closed for the holidays. Once open, I ended up talking to a cranky person who treated me like I was not worthy of help since I was denied. She gave me a list of phone numbers. Most were for food banks and the other for a cot. One was for welfare.

At the welfare phone number I talked to a nice lady and she sent me paperwork to fill out (I had hoped that one would help me to survive financially after being denied) but she sent none for cash assistance so I called back and talked to someone higher up and they told me that the state I live in (Missouri) does not offer living assistance via cash grants unless one is blind or has little ones. I do not fall under either category for help so what now? With no real income I will lose my home and be out on the streets long before that year of waiting for just for a hearing there. I am, for the first time in my life, saddened to live in Missouri needing help desperately and not getting the help financially. I am desperate to save my home and that is why I am writing this blog post. I started a GoFundMe page to try to get help from those that want to and are able to help me. Please Help Save My Home Even if you can just promote my page on social media that would be a great help! Thank you!

The disability assistance process is broken when it seems everyone I talked to said 'Everyone gets denied the first time around'. Well if that is the way it is why let anyone sign up? Why not say 'Sorry you have been denied try again in a year. Get your lawyer, pay their fee, then maybe we will help you then.'

Due to being disabled and in pain all the time I can not even pursue my dream of becoming a full time photographer anymore. It hurts too bad to hold the camera to take photos. I can not walk very far or stand but a few minutes and even then I am in pain all the time and need to sit down. Sitting has it's own issues of pain as well. I have to use a walker in my own home to get around. And a I have a tall stool to sit on if I am cooking or doing dishes at the sink.

The Art I have on my POD site had been a side job to help pay bills. But after being denied disability, it is all I have. Sales have been way down. Not enough to live off of while I wait for a hearing. Please feel free to check out my online art galleries and see if anything would fit your decor or work as a gift. If you know any interior decorators looking for art please send them my link.
ANDEE DESIGN Offering Fine Art And Home Decor

Thank you for reading my blog and for any help you can do even if it is posting my blog or my GoFundMe link Please Help Save My Home on social media!